Affordable Web Hosting

For many of us, website hosting hasn’t occupied much of our thoughts, and if we were being honest, I’m pretty sure we have never spent any sleepless nights wondering if we have the best platform for our business website, if it was secure from malware attacks, or even if we have the right bandwidth. Typically it’s a necessary expense when we first start our business website, and is rarely adjusted after that, just keep paying your provider and you should be good, right? Well, not always.
There are some good hosting options out there and for the most part, they are ok. They typically perform at a level that most small businesses need. What you may not realize is that most companies that offer hosting concentrate on higher end business opportunities, and don’t focus on what is the most efficient and best options for small businesses. Here are a few questions to ask when looking at your hosting package to make sure you have the best option for your business; big or small.
How much bandwidth does your site need? Do you have enough room to grow?
What type of hosting do you have? Dedicated or Shared? Does your business need VPS? (a virtual private server)
Will you need CGI or database capabilities?
What type of plan do you need? Windows or Linux?
Will you need to accommodate any media streaming?
How do you anticipate your site growing over the next few years?
How detrimental to your business is downtime?
Does your current plan offer Security? Backups? Are these standard or add-ons for a price?
How is their customer service? Are they available when you need them?
Are there e-mail limits? Number of accounts?
Many of these questions should be able to be answered quickly and easily and without much fuss. The reason Salterra created a division of our web company to offer hosting is because we were just like you, at the mercy of whoever was out there. A few of the top dogs rely solely on their name and high dollar advertising without having to competitively perform in all areas. We were subject to the same downtime our clients were, we were infected with malware due to lapses in security and above all, we were figuratively held hostage to the ‘upsell’ and ‘add-ons’ to keep our sites secure. For these reasons we felt that affordable hosting should be something easily attainable to everyone, with a no-frills price point, and solid security and back-up plan integrated for all of our clients.
Take the time to ask a few questions even if you feel that your hosting is doing fine where it’s at, it’s always better to audit your options before you are in a situation where it’s too late. All of the above questions are easily answered for our hosting services, just check out our website at